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Photo 101: Last Posts for the Class

Age can have an effect on what we remember (or can) bring with us when we go out the door.  When you add “not yet a habit” to the mix, a lot of opportunities are lost.  But today we live in an age of technology that gives us possibilities even if we have forgotten to take the “just a camera” device with us.  I’ve been taking a free WordPress course called Photo 101, and I haven’t finished all the assignments.  The photos below are of the “make-up homework” variety.  Lack of time prevents me from figuring out the exact assignment title, but I thought I’d post these just the same.

Yesterday, I had an opportunity to take some photos with my iPad for some of those missed assignments–one on glass, another on lines, a third on architectural effects. Here they are!


The only glasswork currently in the Elephant Box gallery and workshop...

The only glasswork currently in the Elephant Box gallery and workshop…


Telephone and Power Lines in Grand-Case, St. Martin

Telephone and Power Lines in Grand-Case, St. Martin

Architectural effects:

Through the portal of The Elephant Box gallery in Grand-Case, St. Martin.

Through the portal of The Elephant Box gallery in Grand-Case, St. Martin.

This is the final assignment I will be posting for this class, since it ended two days ago.  Yesterday, I had the opportunity to take what I consider some interesting shots, even though they are pretty ordinary.  As too often the case, I didn’t have my “good camera” with me, but I did have my iPad, which really does take better photos than my Samsung phone, even though the phone works pretty well under certain conditions.

In truth, I didn’t have the time or opportunities to do justice to the assignments for this class.  The next time it is offered, I hope to take it again and organize my time a bit better to do the assignments on time and with more artistry.  I had intended this class to help me learn to take photos with my “good camera,” but never had the camera with me when an opportunity presented itself.  You have no idea how many photo opportunities I’ve missed while driving because I couldn’t get to my phone camera fast enough–cows crossing an island road or lying down by the roadside, goats walking on the verge of the main road on their way to important meetings, horses meandering across the island-encircling main road just because, huge iguanas or other lizards that couldn’t decide which side of the road they wanted to be on.  Either the camera would cause an accident because I would have stopped traffic, or forgetting about the camera option on the phone until after the creature moved and traffic started up again, or I simply didn’t have any device with a camera on it with me… Well, it’s hard to become a photographer at 65 after spending most of my life without one handy…


Photo 101: Two Best Buds



If I had taken the time to get out my Good Camera, or even my cell phone, I would not have been able to catch the kitties in such a loving position. The striped one may be 3 months younger, but he’s bigger and much more gentle. On the other hand, she has been the epitome of patience in teaching him about his new home and trying to get him to join her outside. Truly Besties.