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This is a sort of tribute to all the members of the Photo 101 Class.

WordPress’ Photo 101 is technically over, although there’s another week to continue posting and commenting on the class Commons.  Below is a photo that I took using a macro lens for the first time–ever–several days ago.  As a lesson in its use, I was amazed how little flexibility there is in depth with these lenses.  That’s not a bad thing; in fact, it’s exactly what the lens is supposed to do–focus on a very near object and only on that object.

Below is a photo of a section of brain coral I was testing the lens on.  Because my hands shake a bit, the shot itself is perhaps more blurred all the way through, even with the shake compensation on.  I’m wondering if perhaps I should have used a “sports” setting instead, pretty much assuring a faster shot.

2015-06-11 15.16.30

The other surprise I got was the level of detail in the shot itself–the non-blurred parts, anyway.

Thanks for all the comments and for allowing me to learn from all of you.  I may not have “finished” the course, but I appreciate everything you’ve posted.  Thank you especially to the coordinators of this course. You’ve all been fantastic!


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  1. Sorry for the confusion I’ve been living under. I knew that Blogging 101 was a 3-week class; and I assumed (yeah, yeah–I should know better) that Photo 101 was also 3 weeks long. So I’ll continue taking and posting shots as I can. Hopefully, I’ll be able to catch up and do the rest of the lessons. Hopefully…

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