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While waiting for phone calls to be returned or the time to come around to make a call, I routed around in my photo albums for landscapes that could use some cropping.  I had a gorgeous before and after set of one of my cats sleeping in a box, but that wasn’t the called-for landscape.  I found this picture, taken in St. Kitts in November, 2014, and realized that the cloud pattern was taking the focus from the background and middleground of this photo. It was just too dominant and drew the eye too strongly.  I loved the cloud pattern, but as a photo, it didn’t sit too well.

landscape before

By cutting down a little from the right and eliminating some of the clouds, the entire focus shifted to the middle and foreground.

landscape cropped

The “gentle cropping” seemed to brighten everything unrelated to the sky,and shift the focus of the scene–just before we were splattered with a bit of rain, incidentally.  I would have loved to take a photo of the scene after the clouds passed, but our guide was in a hurry to show us more of the island–and get as little mud on his minibus as possible, I think.


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