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Photo101_1: Home

#Photo101, Day 1: A Photo of Home

Home is what I do inside the walls and where I work the most.  There was a neater picture that would tell you something about me and what I do and how I live, but this one is more the real me. What you don’t see in this one that would have shown up in the other photo is the camera I took it with.  I used the iPad to make that one, but I thought I needed that to be in the picture, since it’s more a part of me than I can say. I read books on it, take notes on it, snap photos when I remember I have it handy, etc. But the camera I used to take the photo is the one I want to learn to use–the one that will eventually giveD2A5A640-478E-4922-9F8B-5C1C975D5CA7 me more control over what my photo looks like in the end, before it goes through any beautification ritual at the local Photoshop program on this computer. Except that the kittens and dog are not in this mess (thought they are undoubtedly lurking somewhere nearby), and neither is my neatnik husband (who is at work), this is where I live between the hours of 8:00 AM and about 5:00 PM.

Needless to say, I love my toys–pencils, paints, electronics, cameras… And then it all gets ruined when I have to get some real “bring home some money” work…



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  1. I loved that you have shown us the ‘real’ home, and not tidied it up for appearances sake 🙂 Nice snapshot into your life.

    • Embarrassingly, even this one is a bit cleaned up. I’m the type of person who needs a place for everything, but live in a rented condo without all the cubbies and cabinets I need to stay close to organized. I do get stuff put away when I’m not using it, but you can see what type of weekend and day I’ve had… 😉

  2. Thanks for letting us into your home life so early into photo101 :).

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